Trams International, facility and capablities

Trams International is a very vertically integrated manufacturer with inhouse capabilities to perform almost all processes required to build a state-of-the-art, "ground-up", purpose built vehicle. In-house capabilities begin with CAD, (computer assisted design) and conclude with the final quality assurance inspection of a finished vehicle. TI controls all facets of production including production of wiring harnesses, steel and aluminium fabrication, welding, plastic molding, axle fabrication and final vehicle assembly. TI even produces its widely acclaimed service and operator manuals.
Model 6000 Model 3000
Model 3000L Model 6000 Model 5000 Model 3000 Tram Model 9000
Model 2000/2100 Model 3000L Trams Model 1000 Model 5000
Model 2000/2100 Trams Model 1000

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